Let the ACTFL 2022 Countdown begin: 10 things we're excited for in Boston

Let the ACTFL 2022 Countdown begin: 10 things we're excited for in Boston

November 05, 2022



I freaking love conferences.  Is that weird?  We go to as many as we can, simply because there is so much to learn from World Language people.  We’re finally at the 12 day countdown to ACTFL in Boston…back in person! Yay!  Here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

Hanging out with like minded people:

I am going to go out on a limb and say that world language teachers are the best people around. So, conferences like ACTFL that put us all in one room are always super amazing. We have made such great contacts and friendships with people that we have met prior conferences. We can’t wait to see all of them again, and to make even more great people. Plus, I'm not going to be sad about a run in with my idol, José Andrés. There are few people in the world who are as serious about doing good as is this incredible chef, so let the stalking begin!


The MesaMima raffle!

Teachers deserve perks, so we can’t wait to raffle one! Come and see us to get in on the major swag! See you at Booth #2024. Totally worth it for any Spanish teacher!


Dinner at Toro:

After (fingers crossed!) a José Andrés sighting, my tapas ganas are going to be in full force. The Pan con tomate at this North Boston tapas restaurant will certainly transport you to Spain. We're making reservations for Saturday night, so we can’t wait to order one of everything. For real. if you go, let us know, and maybe you can roll me out after I stuff myself on tortilla.


The bookstore near Hahvahd Yahd:

It’s such a great little shop, and a perfect place for gifts, if you feel compelled to bring back some swag for a loved one. I definitely need to hit that up for some good reads for Thanksgiving break.


Revisiting the Halocaust museum:

After stumbling upon this beautiful open air gallery on our last trip to Boston, I can’t wait to go back and look even deeper. This is a must see museum.


Dinner at hayley.henry:

Restaurant #2 on the list…impeccable food plus girl power is on deck on Thursday after we set up our booth! After our last experience there, we are certain that there is no way this place could ever disappoint. Look how much fun we’re having!


Oysters: OK, maybe just for me… Most people head for a lobster roll in Boston. I’m shooting for some half shells, and they are everywhere. It will make the perfect post-sessions happy hour!


Rooftop Cocktails: two things that I’m a sucker for: a rooftop and a craft cocktail. Put some herbs or ginger in it and I’m sold. We’re planning to go to Deck 12, but we’re open to suggestions from any locals!


Happy hours with amazing people: 

We're hanging out with some of our favorite people on Thursday from EF Tours, and have a few other Happy Hours on the calendar. Not only is happy hour always amazing, but when you're with people like these, it's THE. BEST. Can't wait!


So. Much. Learning. Teachers are the ultimate lifelong learners, so a conference like this is right up our alley. We’re giving back at 3 presentations, but can’t wait to see some of you all present on your incredible topics! I’m already making my list!

Can't wait to see you all! If you're not going, don't worry...we'll have tons of updates for you on socials and here on the blog!  Stay tuned!

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