July 15, 2019

My favorite days of the year go like this:

1. Last day of school

2. Christmas

3. First day of school

4. Prime day

Kidding...a little.  But seriously, today (and tomorrow are the days to make the most of your Amazon Prime account and get your room outfitted for the year.  Here are the things in my cart:

FLOOR PILLOWS:  I'm trying out some flexible seating in my new classroom this year, so I am going to grab a few of these to sit around a coffee table on a cute rug. I'm hoping to get a new coffee table at home and take my old one that I hate to work...Fingers crossed!


EXPO MARKERS:  I have the kids use markers on the table and mini white boards all the time, so I am definitely getting a few of these cheap boxes, to cover a class set.  So 4 should do it. You never know.  Sometimes there are more than that.  

REUSEABLE SANDWICH BAGS:  These make my heart flutter.  You know you don't have time to go out to lunch, so these will allow me to pack quick without having to fight with my container cabinet.


A LAMINATOR?!?  Love.  Just love. And for 15 bucks, who could say no?


AIR FRYER:  This is obviously mostly for home, but it will be fun to bring it to class for a merienda martes and make something awesome like patacones or croquetas. Also, it's not like we have extra time on our hands when we go back to school, so hopefully this will help make quick and delicious meals.


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