Why choose us?

Why choose us?

August 11, 2021

We’ve talked to so many teachers over the years who GET IT.  They want to move away from a textbook and teach thematically. The question came up once in a meeting with an administrator...why should we choose MesaMima over a text.  What’s different?

  1. We’re not a text.  Each unit is a separate theme that touches on additional sub-themes.  The focus is transmitting content via language, rather than transmitting language that skims content. We include grammar in context only (no fill-ins, no grammar drills). We even have some linguistically interchangeable units to provide options for different communities. We figure the plethora of old, already adopted texts will serve you if you need or want those things. In a nutshell, our units are a compilation of resources + AP aligned communicative tasks + games + interculturality...and more.  Additionally, you can use a unit and eliminate certain subthemes, but still have enough material to not need to make up your own.
  2. For teachers, by teachers - We are in practice teachers who use, edit and revamp the tasks with real students. We think it's so important to be with the kids to see what works. We constantly ask students for feedback and modify everything to ensure engagement, acquisition and development. 
  3. Price - the cost of a text for one student is wild.  Our whole unit for all of the purchaser’s classes is less than that cost!  Plus, a site or district license is really affordable, making it possible to purchase all of our units, plus district licenses for WAY less than $5000.  This leaves room to purchase other things that make World Language classrooms thrive.  Just think:  your site will be able to afford memberships to tech tools, FVR libraries, and even VR headsets like these that our students LOVE.
  4. Updates - We update our units every year.  We remove things that are out of date and add to new phenomena.  For example, the pandemic?  We ALL know how much this changed everything from science to economy, solidarity to job security, schooling to travel.  We added all of it to our units.  And when the year we’ll never get back is in our rearview mirror, those tasks will go when they lose relevance.  Plus, we guarantee your unit for up to five years for FREE...if we make changes, you get them for free, even if the unit price goes up!
  5. The best stuff is included - Like we mentioned, each thematic unit comes with AP and Standards- aligned tasks, like simulated conversations, cultural comparisons, audio, email responses, authentic materials, tasks in the three modes of communication and an Integrated Performance Assessment.  However, we also include TONS (at least 20 in EACH unit!) of games for comprehension and interpretation, input and eliciting output, a bunch of visual literacy tasks, communicative tasks, grammar in context, presentations, templates and more. So, all those 'extras' that you create (Quizlet decks, Kahoots) are done for you!  Now your students will be prepared and familiar with what happens in AP from the start, making the class that was always for just the cream of the crop accessible and inclusive to all.
  6. Chock full of what you need - Most teachers’ number one complaint when shifting to the standards is not having materials to make it happen.  That was our problem.  So, we fixed it, made it and want to share it with you!

Want to know more?  Reach out!  We'd love to connect!

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